Bible Gateway Recenzje App

Issue with Amplified translation

I noticed recently when switching from NIV to the Amplified translation, the scripture switches to the Book of Ezra. This is regardless of what book I’m in (Romans, Genesis, etc.). This was my “go to” bible app, but I’ll have to look for other options if this isn’t resolved soon.

Good but some Issues

I really enjoy this app and its usefulness, however, I am a user of the RSV and Certain books of the apocrypha aren’t appearing for whatever reason? Could you fix this?

Had to reload - but now perfect!

Yay, it works perfectly now that I removed and reloaded the app! This has been my go-to bible for a long time, so I was so disappointed that it was glitchy recently. Now I can enjoy all the great features again.


Enjoy reading and listening to the Bible

Thank you from the depths of my heart!

This application has made me a better servant of GOD! Bible Gateway is so easy to share and use. Thank you for making me better. Mike Houston Kingston TN

It’s Always On Time!!!!

Always have an on time word!!! Going thru things and really needed the encouragement God provided thru Bible Gateway!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Audio feature glitchy, app glitchy as a whole. Have to restart the app several times in order to get through a short book (like James).

The website is better than the app

Or maybe I just can’t figure out how to access the options which allow me to unselect verse numbers and section headings on the app. It’s simple on the website.


I like the app,It’s awesome.👌👍🏻🤠


I have used the Bible Gateway app for years, starting my morning with the Way, the Truth and the Light. BG makes it easy on so many levels to read and learn the depths of God’s word. I strongly recommend it to all. AAA plus... Well done faithful servants. Well done.

All in all good but..

I wish I could highlight verses and copy them to my clipboard. Having to go to the website to specifically copy verses is a bit of a pain. Also, in night mode, some verses are invisible. Which is odd, and a bit disappointing because I prefer night mode all the time as it is easier on the eyes. I am reading the CJB when the verses are invisible, so maybe it’s the version itself? I haven’t checked others. All in all though, I really do like this app.

Auto correct

Would love to see auto correct when searching books of bible.

Just wonderful

In every way this app is always the best I’ve tried other ones and this one is easy to maneuver self-explanatory and wonderfulI have to say the Lord spoke and told me to get this app I bless everyone

I use this app every week

As I have aged, my eye sight has deteriorated so I’ve learned to print out my scripture using an enlarged font. It is so convenient to have nearly every translation of the Bible at my finger tips. In the past I often referred to the Jerusalem Bible. Is there a reason this is not one of the translations available? For me that would make a wonderful website even better.

So easy

I just began to use this APP and I find that it’s very well organized and will be useful for my Bible Studies!


Love that I can jump to chapter and verse with ease.


I want to be able to search words and not just books in the search function


Overall this App represents a powerful, accessible tool for me. I do "love" using it. Due to visual limitations, it is difficult to study my lifetime bible(s). Yet, access to Biblegateway has been a blessing! Also want to tell you about my now three year old grandson: he has been reading since age two. He wakes up, walks up to me and said: "Grandma, you have Biblegateway? I love Biblegateway." Then, insist in the moment that we study God's word: reading and then using audio before we complete our reading time. A true blessing and tool. Thank you very much. Lord Jesus keep your team holy and consecrated to Him always😘😇🙏

To the point

I love the simplicity of the home page, I love the options for reading different translations parallel. And the settings are great and user friendly. I do wish I could turn off the headings and reference numbers but other than that it’s to the point with no bells and whistles like youversion which can get too busy for me personally

Best Bible App

I love this app. It makes my bible studying easy to navigate in this busy world. I can easily switch translations and look up commentaries. Also I love the audio features because I can listen to God’s word on the way to work, school, or the store. You’ll have a created a useful tool to stay connected to the Creator and Father of all. Thanks

Bible Gateway

I gave it 4 because of all the scrolling and also the devotionals are soooo hard to understand but all in all I like the variety of bibles those can be easily accessed

I love it!! 😇

It’s excellent. Very user friendly.

Great app


Needs improvement

I love that it has so many different translations that you can pick from honestly more bible apps should have this but while trying to jump to a verse/book it would take you somewhere completely different and when going back to select a book/verse it would be different from the one it took you to. Disappointed I didn’t even bother trying to fight with it

Bible Gateway app

I don’t like it, when you use the it doesn’t offer the devotionals that appears when you google it. I read the women’s devotional s everyday

Mixed feelings

Some features I really like and are quite detailed. Others seem to come up short especially compared to Olive tree which I have been using for a few years now. Very frustrating is to try the reading plans and in selecting a chronological Bible it starts me off with today’s date so there is no way I could begin my study in the middle of the year I always have to begin to January 1! And there is no keeping track of which sections I have read or to continue reading into the next section. If I click on the date it automatically brings me to today’s date even if I have just been reading a section 6 months prior! Have just started to use this and so far my favorite is the couple‘s devotional and the ability to listen to my selected by will being read to me. Again a little frustrating, in trying the reading plan for chronological, the audio option is not present!


I love his app a lot! I used to use the Life.Church version of a bible app until I discovered this... it’s way better!!! Highly Recommended😁


Please check it


Enjoy it daily.

Audio issues

My reason for the purchase was to hear the Bible when I’m not able to read for myself. Each time I attempt I know most likely I will not be able to listen. That portion works about an 1/8th of the time. Very discouraging.

The Bible in my pocket

Any time, anywhere God’s word in my pocket or purse. Such a blessing!

The Best

I love the fact this has any amazing range of bibles

Too all-encompassing

It used to be I could search on a word and immediately find what I was looking for in a reasonably short list. Now searching on a single word delivers scads of verses because the search uses phrases instead. I have not discovered an option to focus my search on one word, so I have no further use for this app. You can’t please everybody.

Navigation is horrible

When I am reading and want to change books it will not change

Login does not hold.

Once I login to the app (with a dark red background),the login does not hold. I must keep on logging in.

No other choice

I use this app because it’s the only one Of it’s kind I know of. When you select a passage and start reading it jumps around, when you scroll the header disappears and comes back. I get that it’s supposed to be convenient, but it is just irritating.

Good App

I really like this app and use it often. Have a problem with it going to two columns and not being able to return to single column. Searched every inch of this app can not find help. Frustrated but thankful for this great resource.

Best Bible Website Ever

Have been using for years now and I love it. I am amazed at how much the site has evolved for the better! Recommend to all!


This rendition is done in excellence. It is very easy to navigate, research. It’s good for research, to see and hear. There is no excuse to miss a day without reading or hearing the word of God in its various translations. We appreciate the time and effort that was put into its preparation!!! God’s blessings The Miltons

Easiest app to find what I’m looking for!

The app is great and the website is really user friendly especially for someone that is crossing over to today’s technology like my parents. The reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because I have been a long time user and it seems like the longer you are loyal to the business they find ways to change the name of the package you purchased and slowly take the items you once had and then turn them into a new package that you have to purchase, although you get your old and new. I guess maybe I’m still hung up on the fact that you stay loyal to those who stay loyal to you when you first started out!

Daily spiritual food at a quick glance

Love the online reading and choices to be quick in reading the Lord’s words

Awesome App!!!

Great tool, used it often on my desktop so I am familiar and pleased with its accuracy, options and output in a portable format. Thanks for your ministry. Questions? Are my desktop options portable to my iPhone/iPad?


I’ve been using this since 2011. When I created an account, it crashes. Ridiculous! Don’t know what you did but you ruined it!

Daily User of this great tool!

I use the Bible Gateway App daily because it is a concise way to have study materials in one place when I begin to do Bible studies. I use the variety of reference materials and different translations wherever I have a few moments to read and study. A great tool!

SUPER! Love it!

Been using this for years now! Many versions, easy to use, download your favorite for off line use! Audio versions make it perfect for elderly, or those with bad eyesight.

Bible gateway

It’s the best !!!’🙏

I love it

It great

What a blessing!

Very easy to navigate-intuitive...great features


Now I am getting ads all over page! Will delete app and use my paper devotion. Sorry this app has become this.

The Holy Bible

I like the audio Bible better, my wife and I love to listen to the book that our Bible Class is studying.

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