Bible Gateway Recenzje App

Audio issues

My reason for the purchase was to hear the Bible when I’m not able to read for myself. Each time I attempt I know most likely I will not be able to listen. That portion works about an 1/8th of the time. Very discouraging.

The Bible in my pocket

Any time, anywhere God’s word in my pocket or purse. Such a blessing!

The Best

I love the fact this has any amazing range of bibles

Too all-encompassing

It used to be I could search on a word and immediately find what I was looking for in a reasonably short list. Now searching on a single word delivers scads of verses because the search uses phrases instead. I have not discovered an option to focus my search on one word, so I have no further use for this app. You can’t please everybody.

Navigation is horrible

When I am reading and want to change books it will not change

Login does not hold.

Once I login to the app (with a dark red background),the login does not hold. I must keep on logging in.

No other choice

I use this app because it’s the only one Of it’s kind I know of. When you select a passage and start reading it jumps around, when you scroll the header disappears and comes back. I get that it’s supposed to be convenient, but it is just irritating.

Good App

I really like this app and use it often. Have a problem with it going to two columns and not being able to return to single column. Searched every inch of this app can not find help. Frustrated but thankful for this great resource.

Best Bible Website Ever

Have been using for years now and I love it. I am amazed at how much the site has evolved for the better! Recommend to all!


This rendition is done in excellence. It is very easy to navigate, research. It’s good for research, to see and hear. There is no excuse to miss a day without reading or hearing the word of God in its various translations. We appreciate the time and effort that was put into its preparation!!! God’s blessings The Miltons

Easiest app to find what I’m looking for!

The app is great and the website is really user friendly especially for someone that is crossing over to today’s technology like my parents. The reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because I have been a long time user and it seems like the longer you are loyal to the business they find ways to change the name of the package you purchased and slowly take the items you once had and then turn them into a new package that you have to purchase, although you get your old and new. I guess maybe I’m still hung up on the fact that you stay loyal to those who stay loyal to you when you first started out!

Daily spiritual food at a quick glance

Love the online reading and choices to be quick in reading the Lord’s words

Awesome App!!!

Great tool, used it often on my desktop so I am familiar and pleased with its accuracy, options and output in a portable format. Thanks for your ministry. Questions? Are my desktop options portable to my iPhone/iPad?


I’ve been using this since 2011. When I created an account, it crashes. Ridiculous! Don’t know what you did but you ruined it!

Daily User of this great tool!

I use the Bible Gateway App daily because it is a concise way to have study materials in one place when I begin to do Bible studies. I use the variety of reference materials and different translations wherever I have a few moments to read and study. A great tool!

SUPER! Love it!

Been using this for years now! Many versions, easy to use, download your favorite for off line use! Audio versions make it perfect for elderly, or those with bad eyesight.

Bible gateway

It’s the best !!!’🙏

I love it

It great

What a blessing!

Very easy to navigate-intuitive...great features


Now I am getting ads all over page! Will delete app and use my paper devotion. Sorry this app has become this.

The Holy Bible

I like the audio Bible better, my wife and I love to listen to the book that our Bible Class is studying.

References use to be free

I use to be a huge fan of this app but since the references are part of bible gateway plus, I now use olive tree app.

No Japanese Bible

I like to have a Japanese Bible included.

Love Bible Gateway

What a great source! Always available wherever you go and it’s great to be able to compare translations.

Love it

Love God Love Others Invite people to get this app

Lock mode

Any chance you can program the app to keep the phone from going into lock mode when the app is being used? Otherwise great app!

Enhanced materials

While the enhanced materials are very useful when studying, they are difficult to get to. They do not sync with the passage being studied. I have found them cumbersome in spite of the useful information.

Love this app

Love this app

Amazing for homework

The only thing I use this app for is homework you just search for a keyword and you have the answer to your homework question

App Doesn’t Match UX of Online

Online the additional resources of the Plus membership are great. Here, with the app, you still have access to those but you often have to start at Genesis and scroll through every passage until you get to the one you’re interested in. i.e., no search functionality. This is a major flaw.


I still enjoy reading the hard copy, but this app does have helpful resources. One suggestion is to add the NJKV version which is my preferred choice.

Having issues

I have really enjoyed this app but lately I've been having issues with it freezing up on me. Sounds like it's due a fix and an update. The history portion has stopped working.

Gateway Bible App

Love this app. It’s great to have a bible at the ready, whenever I need it. Thanks

Notes Lose Info

When typing notes and system on iPad gets frozen, all your data gets lost. No recovery or saved setting. Happens too often.

Liked the App before the upgrade

Now there are times when in the app that the menu to move from one book of the Bible to a deferent book does not appear which is frustrating. This did not occur prior to the upgrade.

Best Bible app out there

The features of this app are incredibly useful. I "select" and "copy" everyday. The "underline" and "bold" selections make it simple to highlight meaningful words. It's so user friendly with no annoying ads!!! The history feature lets me return to previously studied verses.

Difficult to scroll

When trying to go to different verse, chapter or book the window at top narrows and won’t let you scroll. After many tries the window will widen allowing me to choose new verse etc. Frustrating, and The availability of bringing up Matthew Henry ‘s commentary is messy and buried deep in a list.

Excellent free app

Many different translations as well as study resources available. I’m enjoying listening to the Bible now through this app. I’ve been using it for years.

Easter Message

Bible Gateway is a morning touchpoint for my verse of this he day. It usually hits the spot I need to think about. I share it with my husband and our son has it as an App as well. I wish that the Easter Sunday verse would have reflected the Easter message. The celebration of Christ living after death is so amazing and we are grateful for His sacrifice. The verse today was about how bad we are. Bummer. I’ll keep using the App and appreciate having it to tap into when I can. Thank you.

Pop up adds

I love your app and what you are doing for the kingdom. However, I have been getting unwanted pop up adds over the last few months. I get very excited to read the verse of the day then I get a pop up first. Please stop the pop up adds. 🙏

Very Disappointing

I’ve used this app for years but it has recently changed for the worse. The commentaries I click typically have very, very little to offer. This was not always the situation. I’ve rated this app with 2 stars only because Max McClean’s audio portion is so good. Otherwise I’d rate it with 2 stars and then remove it from my iPhone.

Perfect Audio/Visual Verse-Context Companion

For pasting God's Word into text messages and emails, for a quick look-up by topic or phrase, or for listening to God's Word from a visual switch up in the car, Bible Gateway is my go to mobile app. The InTEXT Matthew Henry commentary and Bible Dictionary also give me in-line references within 1 - 2 screen touches. Thank you Bible Gateway writers for making this mobile app free and fully functional!

Wonderful application

It’s such an easy to use sensible app with many smartly designed features. A real comfort to always have handy.

Bible gateway review

It's a good app and I really like it. It makes it easier to read the Bible. I also like how it reads it aloud to me so I can listen to the Bible at night.

Thanks Bible Gateway!!!

I love the Voice bible and this is the only app that has that translation.

Doesn’t work on iPhone

Works fine on desktop & iPad but won’t go to selected passage on iPhone. Select Isaiah 52 & get ll Kings 52; select Amos 5 & get Ezra 5. Now I want to delete app.

Everything thing in a bible you need right at your fingertips

You couldn’t ask for a better learning device

Fee for study🤔

I sorta get paying... but there are actually better apps for study and listening to audio...I no longer use this app

Update terrible for users

I used to love this App and I do use this App on a daily basis but now I’m considering getting something different. The latest update seems like it’s trying to provide more screen space for reading but instead hinders navigation. Half the time when I try to tap the top of the screen to move to another section of the Bible, it doesn’t work. The older version was 100% better - they shouldn’t have changed the format. Having a separate pop up for navigation doesn’t work.

One of the best Apps

To many apps in the market this one keeps all my studies in one place... love it

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