Bible Gateway App recensioner

The website is better than the app

The website is better than the app. Specifically, the website has the Bible book list. The list makes it easier and quicker to use.

The good review

Excellent progress in this app. I never need to tell in more then once what chapter I am on perfect for everyone try it!🙂


BibleGate Way is a great App! I love it so much! As a Braille user I am very glad to have this App on my phone because I can always listen to it. I also like that it gives different translations and in different languages. Thank you very much! God bless you!!!

Enjoy the app

I enjoy this app, however, I wish there were several colors to choose from when highlighting scripture. On my phone I just use instead of app and I have 5colors to choose from for highlighting. Also which you had vine’s expository dictionary as a resource. I have a different Bible app that I use at church because they add the pastor’s notes to it for us to use, but I like this one better. Thanks

What Happened

Does not carry AMPC. Disappointed.

Love Bible Gateway

Great resource. Love comparing different translations.


Great resource... User friendly and thorough with information!...

Difficult to obtain the talking versions.

I am trying to play the LBLA and it keeps taking me to the KJV it change the passages over and over again and I can’t even use the talking KJV. I’ve been playing with all the settings and still it doesn’t let me play any of them. Very frustrating.

Two readers only

The two people that read scripture sound like the are reading a mystery/horror novel. There is no emotion or life or live I. Their voices. They need someone that sounds human

KJV for me

Love the app. Reading the Bible daily through the convenience of an app.

Problem with new iOS update

Since updating to iOS 12 on iPhone 7 Plus this only reads the Bible while the phone is awake. I use to be able to let the app read the Bible and I would fall asleep to the reading. What happened? Please fix or tell me how to change what is needed. Thanks

Great ! Really helps staying in the word. Especially the reading plans.

It would be great if there was a audio Bible link from the reading plans within the app like there is on the website version. Then we could use it and listen to the reading plan while driving. Browser version of that feature works from phones while driving but the continuous play does not work if you change screens to use the rest of the phone. Are use the GPS on my phone while listening to the Bible, but have to flip screens to go to the next chapter over and over again. Please add the audio Bible w/ continuous play to the reading plans within the app Thanks Mark

It opens with a blank white screen

It opens with a blank screen after awhile. Needs updated for iOS 12. Seems to be working ok most of the time but might need an update. 🙂

Copy and paste

First of all, I want to thank you for your hard work and the opportunity you have given to so many people including me, to be able to use the Bible online for free. Although, I respectfully want to bring this inconvenience to your attention about this app. There is an issue when copying and pasting. When pasting more than one verse, it will not separate scriptures nor give each different verse numbers, it is an inconvenience to not be able to explain the meaning of each verse and pin point the scripture exactly. Thank you for your time. May the Lord Bless you.

Notes needs help

Bible Gateway is one of my study staples...I’ve used it for years. However...I’ve gotten into deeper study of the Word, and have started using the Notes feature of the app. May I suggest a couple improvements that would improve its value tremendously. First of all, the Notes icon that appears at the beginning of a verse when a Note is made should pop-up a window with that particular Note. As it is, it takes you away from your place in the Scripture to a listing of the Notes made that you must scroll through to find the particular Note you want. Then you must navigate back to the Scripture you were reading. Awkward and time consuming. Second, there is a way to print each Note separately; however, there should be a way to print a list and/or range of Notes so they can be kept hard copy with other study materials. Third, currently there is only one color available for highlighting. It would be very helpful to have a number of colors so as to designate different Bible studies. Fourth, have a Notes icon at the beginning of the verse for each Note made regarding that particular verse. In this way you would be able to see all the Notes made for a verse at different times. Thank you. Hope you will see the benefit of each of these suggestions and work them into the next update.

Rating This App

Love this app so much, enjoying it often blessed by it especially the audio Bible. Thank you for making it available.



Notes didn’t save

After losing my notes twice i deleted this app. If you just want to read it is fine.


Verse ETI ROVAFOurY veThis is one of my first Apps i download! I am grateful I did! Each day they share a verse- throaBible Gateway I am allowed to read and learn the Bible. Are you concerned that “you read different Bible “ like “ Amplified Bible or YOUR FAVORITE BIBLE! You can place it on Night Print which I do because I am up earlier than others and I read quietly but now Have minimal light ! Sa


Difficult to select a translation other than default (NIV) and make it permanent.

Subscription Not Working Beware

I paid for a good year of subscription services and it worked well since April however now I get the message that I must subscribe to read resources again. Customer service seems non existent. Will update when I receive a response to my emails. For now don’t waste money. Update I increased my rating from one to 3 1/2 stars. I wish that the user experience was easier and that the links within verse or study worked in all instances so that a verse can truly be explored from all angles while the desire to learn more about a topic is still burning. Having to back out, find the referenced verse, then enter study mode again and find the reference book to see a note on a verse is just silly and a waste of time.

Footnotes don’t work

When I tap a footnote in a version I downloaded, it doesn’t work.

Many Years

This Bible app has everything I need and more. Not too long ago I dropped the best version wanting to save money. I missed it so much I reloaded the deluxe in a week or two. I’m still finding out how to it use the app to its full potential.

Awesome App! But Not Flawless..

I really love this app! I like the simple UI and color scheme, however, When I download the RSV certain books of the apocrypha don’t load in like Song of the three, 3 Maccabees, 2 Esdras, and others...This needs fixed. Also it would be really nice if you implemented a feature sending the verse of the day as a notification.

Bible Gateway Chrystal77

I use this bible for a lot of reasons.I use it on the go whenever I have free time. I use it to remind me that God’s Presence is always guiding me, protecting me, loving me and doing so much more for me. This site helps to keep my focus on Jesus. I could go on and on, but I have shared the tip of the iceberg and I’m done.🙏🏼❤️

Great Bible App!!!.

I have using Bible Gateway since 2011. All I can say that this website and app is very best Bible I use when I don’t have my Bible around. Thank you for reaching with world with

Seeking The Truth

I can always find what I need with Gateway. 🕊

Bible Gateway

I gave it 4 because of all the scrolling and also the devotionals are soooo hard to understand but all in all I like the variety of bibles those can be easily accessed..God bless

Red letters

Why are the red letters not written in red stating Jesus own words

Relevant Reading

I like this app most because of the selection of bible editions. Not everyone likes the same version. I like the fact that I can listen while driving. The other app I had has discontinued reading out loud. Max McClean is a favorite, he is very easy to listen to. I listen while falling asleep, in the car, whenever I can. Like daily water, the intake of the Word is so important and it’s sometimes hard to get enough. This app really helps!

Bible Gateway is GREAT!

It’s pretty much the best way to get into the scriptures and understand them as you study to show yourself approved. There’s multiple translations and reading becomes even more exciting when you can compare these. Thank you so much for developing this app!

Had to reload - but now perfect!

Yay, it works perfectly now that I removed and reloaded the app! This has been my go-to bible for a long time, so I was so disappointed that it was glitchy recently. Now I can enjoy all the great features again.


Enjoy reading and listening to the Bible

Thank you from the depths of my heart!

This application has made me a better servant of GOD! Bible Gateway is so easy to share and use. Thank you for making me better. Mike Houston Kingston TN

It’s Always On Time!!!!

Always have an on time word!!! Going thru things and really needed the encouragement God provided thru Bible Gateway!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Audio feature glitchy, app glitchy as a whole. Have to restart the app several times in order to get through a short book (like James).

The website is better than the app

Or maybe I just can’t figure out how to access the options which allow me to unselect verse numbers and section headings on the app. It’s simple on the website.


I like the app,It’s awesome.👌👍🏻🤠


I have used the Bible Gateway app for years, starting my morning with the Way, the Truth and the Light. BG makes it easy on so many levels to read and learn the depths of God’s word. I strongly recommend it to all. AAA plus... Well done faithful servants. Well done.

All in all good but..

I wish I could highlight verses and copy them to my clipboard. Having to go to the website to specifically copy verses is a bit of a pain. Also, in night mode, some verses are invisible. Which is odd, and a bit disappointing because I prefer night mode all the time as it is easier on the eyes. I am reading the CJB when the verses are invisible, so maybe it’s the version itself? I haven’t checked others. All in all though, I really do like this app.

Auto correct

Would love to see auto correct when searching books of bible.

Just wonderful

In every way this app is always the best I’ve tried other ones and this one is easy to maneuver self-explanatory and wonderfulI have to say the Lord spoke and told me to get this app I bless everyone

I use this app every week

As I have aged, my eye sight has deteriorated so I’ve learned to print out my scripture using an enlarged font. It is so convenient to have nearly every translation of the Bible at my finger tips. In the past I often referred to the Jerusalem Bible. Is there a reason this is not one of the translations available? For me that would make a wonderful website even better.

So easy

I just began to use this APP and I find that it’s very well organized and will be useful for my Bible Studies!


Love that I can jump to chapter and verse with ease.


I want to be able to search words and not just books in the search function


Overall this App represents a powerful, accessible tool for me. I do "love" using it. Due to visual limitations, it is difficult to study my lifetime bible(s). Yet, access to Biblegateway has been a blessing! Also want to tell you about my now three year old grandson: he has been reading since age two. He wakes up, walks up to me and said: "Grandma, you have Biblegateway? I love Biblegateway." Then, insist in the moment that we study God's word: reading and then using audio before we complete our reading time. A true blessing and tool. Thank you very much. Lord Jesus keep your team holy and consecrated to Him always😘😇🙏

To the point

I love the simplicity of the home page, I love the options for reading different translations parallel. And the settings are great and user friendly. I do wish I could turn off the headings and reference numbers but other than that it’s to the point with no bells and whistles like youversion which can get too busy for me personally

Best Bible App

I love this app. It makes my bible studying easy to navigate in this busy world. I can easily switch translations and look up commentaries. Also I love the audio features because I can listen to God’s word on the way to work, school, or the store. You’ll have a created a useful tool to stay connected to the Creator and Father of all. Thanks

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