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Amazing Study App

Thanks for this wonderful application. Its just what I was looking for...

Bible Gateway

I was thoroughly blessed each day with Reading " Our Daily Bread" and the associated Scripture ... Until today. I have been following this pattern for a year. Today. I am reading my devotion and I noticed a " upgrade" ad. Seems that after all this time, I must pay $3.95 to continue. I will go back to the ODB booklet and my actual Bible. I never expected to be charged for using the Bible. I would have appreciated knowing the truth from the beginning. In my opinion the website needs to be simplified and made more clear. Ill not pay to upgrade. Thank you got your time and consideration. Michele


This app sucks

App Keep Crashing After Last Update

I love the app, but it keeps crashing after the last update to the point that I cant even use it, particularly the audio Bible section.


App freezes a lot - its the only app to freeze up my iPad - this for a bible reading app? I really like the daily old and New Testament reading plan but have to have wifi access just to use this? I have contacted their help department as the app was not working through leap year but they said I would have to wait until March then it would be ok. App is very head on bells and whistles and promotions that are distracting and make this app regularly unstable.

Great but bug fix needed

Awesome app. Love it. Only one prob. When in mid-chapter app snaps back to verse 1. Bug that needs fixing. Otherwise great job. (Using iPhone 5).

Love it

Love the audio

The Very Best Of The Best For Bible Study & Bible Studies

The Very Best Of The Best For Bible Study & Bible Studies I personally give this bible app 5 Stars I havent seen any other bible apps with all the tools that they offer and all the many bibles that they have for any individual to use and study with your own personal bible.

The best app! O melhor aplicativo!!!

Ive tried many Bible apps and this is the best! I love that I can read it and listen it at the same time! Eu já testei muitos aplicativos para Bíblia e esse é o melhor! Eu amo poder ler e ao mesmo tempo escutar as passagens bíblicas.

Fantastic study bible

My sister recommended this app to me after I told her that I had purchased a nkjv on Amazon. It has every version of Gods word that I am aware of and you can view them side by side to compare the meaning of something. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to read or study the bible.


I love this app so I was very disappointed when after following the daily reading plan for over 200 days all my data disappeared. Then when I reloaded the app it did the same thing after 30+ days.

Wonderful app

Love the free Bible study tools


Hope to have different kinds of colors for markers. So it would be easy to remember the words that speaks to us.

So. Many. Bugs.

There are just too many bugs in this app for me to find it useful. I used to love having it but now suddenly there are glitches and crashes and I cannot even use the Bible in any translation. I find its faster to just use the Internet instead.

Love ALL the translations!!

Love the ability to look at so many different translations... In an easy to read font...

Great app

Always used Bible Gateway online for reference & glad to have an app for quicker & always dependable search. Many translations to chose from.

Staying where I left off

Thank you for making this unique Bible app where I can search for a certain word and it comes up with a list of verses that contains that word along with a total number of verses. Now, when I read a chapter and then I have to go do something else and plan to return to the same chapter, it disappears every time. Can you please set it as it will stay where I left off so I can continue to read the rest of the chapter? Thanks for all you do for Gods glory!

Thank you

Thank you for not overflowing it with ads

Everything in one place

This app is great for really digging in during my bible study time. I especially appreciate the parallel option that allows me to see the same verse in multiple versions and the resources tab is invaluable. Well done!


Requires wifi. Says if you want to be able to read without wifi you need to download the books. But how do you even do it if theres not even a way to download them?? Like if youre going to say that we need to do something, make sure were able to do it in the first place!!

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